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About Us

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Booking with Rent a Ski provides wonderful opportunities to embark on a great adventure!

We are locally owned and proud to have been supplying Providences with water sports adventure for over five years. Since our inception customer service has been our top priority. Put simply, our quality equipment and service will make our guests water adventure a fun experience for the whole family. Our mission is to provide the trips and tours with unparalleled customer service and satisfaction. Guest can enjoy any, or all, of our thrilling, family-friendly water activities to get the most out of their vacation, all while building the best memories for long after their trip ends.

Safety is very important to us. We operate only the best equipment and adhere to a strict maintenance routine. Our experienced staff also monitors the weather on a real-time basis- all with the guest's best interest, safety, and enjoyment in mind

Ways to Play

Guest can get up close to and personal with the ocean and send their adrenaline racing. Our experienced team can offer a range of motorized and nor-motorized water sports that suit their taste for adventure.

We can customize a program that meets guests' specific time-frame and needs.

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Other Non-Motorized Activities

We offer other activities that are sure to keep our guests entertained. Our stand-up paddleboards are sturdy and fun to maneuver. Kayaks are also available if guests are looking for a little more speed.

  • Kayaking

  • Paddle boards

  • Tube Rides (Kids & Adult)

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Jet Ski Rentals

Whether you're satisfying the need for speed or just enjoying the beautiful weather and scenery, our jet ski rentals provide an adventure to remember.

Top-of-the-line jet skis combined with the knowledgeable and professional staff will ensure that even the most inexperienced riders feel like experts on the water. Guests can enjoy the thrill of riding at top speed or take in the sights, watch for dolphins and explore our shores at a more leisurely pace.

Jet Ski Activities

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Whip through the waves and get an adrenaline rush or take a memorable meander along our shores with your family and friends for an experience you will treasure for a lifetime.


Guided Tours
Get the most out of your day on the water with our guided tours. The shores of Providenciales has many wonderful sites to behold and a guided tour is the best way to experience it. While on your Jet Ski adventure you can maneuver your watercraft safely around the islands and cays and explore their natural beauty, wildlife, and history. There truly is nothing more magnificent than exploring the natural beauty of the pristine waters of the Turks and Caicos Islands.

Our friendly and courteous staff have intimate knowledge of the islands and will be more than happy to set you and your crew up for a safe and enjoyable adventure.

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